I reached that state on the edge of sleep easily and quickly as Harry worked with bowls and other sounds-wonderful relaxation. I am nursing a problem hip and sacro-iliac area. Harry used tuning forks and bowls on the lower back and ilium of the pelvis.  I felt the vibrations deeply and next day I was pain free.

Anne-Marie .......Bray, Co. Wicklow

I have recommended it as a therapy to many friends. And have every confidence in Harry Parkinson as a professional, understanding , naturally intuitive and attentive therapist.

Miriam ......... Sandycove, Co Dublin.

The problems in my life slowly resolving. The pain in my neck gone straight after Harry used his tuning forks.
I got alot of positive energy after each session

Oleksiy......Bray, Co. Wicklow

Harry made me feel very much at ease and his obvious passion for the therapy inspired me to have confidence in it. The sessions were relaxed and informative. I experienced very deep relaxation at every session, almost immediately. I feel this very much contributed to my healing. I also noted a marked improvement in my digestive system which I did not expect. Harry also treated me for neuralgia and I found it to be of great value. I recommend Harry to all of my friends even if they do not have a health issue. The whole experience is so richly rewarding and offers such deep relaxation to the point of it being in my opinion a meditative state.

Maura....... Wicklow Town.

I attended sound therapy with the hope of getting pain relief from chronic fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis and spondylosis.

I had recognisable pain relief from my first and then subsequent treatments, increasing flexibility and making daily life much easier. The decrease in pain is ongoing and in my opinion the therapy is far better than medical interventions of fluid draining and cortisone injections. My left knee, hip, lower back and hands all had very positive results for pain relief and ease in movement. My mood has lifted allowing for a more positive outlook on a daily basis. I'm very pleased. It has made such a difference to my life in such a short time.

Denise.......Dublin 8.

I came to Harry for treatment of severe and chronic lumbar pain, having undergone 2 previous spinal surgeries which left me with all 5 lumbar discs ruptured. But what I didn’t realize until later that I was also being healed for depression, an illness that had affected me for 31 years.

The outcomes were profoundly life-changing. The pain in my back only occasionally bothers me and I require less medication. More importantly, depression I believe is no longer an issue for me and the reduction in the amounts of medication is astounding.

Harry has an amazing capacity to make me feel safe and shows complete loving kindness when a session is taking place. He is informative of what he is going to do prior to each session and has always given good follow-up advice between each session.

I believe that when my back firstly became symptomatic, the pain became almost unbearable when accompanied by depression. Now that my life is free of depression the back pain has decreased exponentially. My psychiatrist is totally astounded by my life changes.

Sound therapy has changed my life greatly. It is an integral part of my daily life, so much so that I wish to learn about how to become a healer using sound therapy and be of service to those who seek help using this modality.

Margot.......Co. Kildare.