Sound baths, gong baths, sound therapy group work or group sessions are essentially based on a therapy session but with several (5-20) people receiving a treatment all at once. There are several advantages to this method. Quite apart from the financial side (it is less expensive, about a quarter of the price of a one to one) it can produce a tremendous amount of positive energy which becomes available to the individuals present. The effects of this on relaxation can be extraordinary and can be an excellent introduction to the therapy. This energy may move people emotionally or spiritually, providing an opportunity for the release of emotional content in a safe environment or providing the opportunity to advance personal development or self realisation. Naturally, the vibro-acoustic affect of the sound waves themselves will also provide a measure of healing but for specific conditions the more concentrated one to one treatment might be more beneficial.  Often (though not always) during group sessions larger bowls are employed. These tend to be lower in tone with deep prolonged resonances that can have profound effects on those present.  

An Tairseach, Dominican Ecology centre, Wicklow Town. 

An Tairseach, Dominican Ecology Centre, Wicklow Town.

The atmosphere is always relaxed and informative with plenty of time for Q&As. The groups are made up of first-timers and those who have attended many times 

Luisne Centre for Spirituality, Kilcoole, Co. Wicklow.

An Tairseach.