Magheramore April 2016

We had a truly wonderful weekend at Magheramore immersing ourselves into the magical realm of sound. We had sixteen participants and a facilitation team of three...Harry, Michaela and of course Clare who provided the most exquisite of menus, consisting of the best in fresh, organic vegitarian cooking. 

Magheramore September 2016

Another wonderful weekend, another wonderful group.

Magheramore February 2017

Our first group of 2017 trying to handle the crisp rays of the Spring sunshine. A very successful weekend enjoyed by everyone and a great start to the year. 

Dining 'al fresco', May 2017

Our wonderfully colourful group from August 2017

The gang from February 2018




The venue is perfect for sound work.....a renovated coach house with original stone walls and a high, hardwood, pitched ceiling. the original entrances for the coaches are decked with large panes of clear glass in hardwood frames allowing for maximum light and adding to the airy feeling.  

Whether sitting, standing or lying down.....

.....there is ample room for everyone's comfort and for a complete array of equipment to provide for everyone's needs. 

During our deeper sound events the curtains can be drawn to provide a warm, comforting cocoon effect.....perfect for intense sound sessions but also for yoga nidra and shamanic journeying.