A Treatment at End Cottage

The Soul Bowl experience is a very relaxed affair. We consider a cosy environment best suited to a sound therapy session. Prior to the session there will be a short pre-consultation chat, giving you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have concerning the therapy and informing the therapist of the issues you may wish to address during the process. Based on this the therapist will determine a treatment plan, which may involve the use of various sound instruments and he will also suggest how many treatments may be needed. While positive results may become apparent very quickly (during the first session) it has been our experience that a minimum of two, but optimally three treatments are required to produce an effective result. While we will make suggestions and offer advice about this,ultimately the decision is entirely in the hands of the client.  Initial consultations are €50 and then €40 for any subsequent sessions. The lenth of a session can vary between one and two hours.